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Janet Olearski is an author and coach who works with developing writers from around the world, helping them plan their stories, write their books, get published, and progress on the path towards being successful authors.

Janet was born and brought up in London, and has lived in Italy, Poland, Oman and the UAE. Her short fiction has appeared in various publications including Wasafiri, Jotters United, Far Off Places, Bare Fiction, and Litro. She has also authored several children’s books, amongst them Twins, Mr Football, The Sunbird Mystery and Triangle.

Her most recent publication is the short-story collection A Brief History of Several Boyfriends. She is currently editing The Write Stuff, an anthology of the work of fourteen Abu Dhabi-based authors, due out in Autumn 2018.

Janet is a graduate of the Manchester Writing School at MMU and the founder of the Abu Dhabi Writers' Workshop, which is now the largest writers' workshop in the United Arab Emirates, with more than 1,800 members.