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Janet Olearski was born and brought up in London, and studied languages and linguistics at the University of Edinburgh, and later at the University of London Institute of Education.Her first writing teacher was the playwright Bernard Kops, and, alongside Anna Burns, she attended John Petherbridge's iconic writing workshops at City Lit in the 1990s. 

Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in Constellate, Wasafiri, Jotters United, Far Off Places, Bare Fiction, Litro,and elsewhere. She's written several children’s books, among them Twins, Mr Football, The Sunbird Mystery, and Triangle, and (for adults) a short-story collection A Brief History of Several Boyfriends. She is the editor of The Write Stuff, an anthology of the work of fourteen Abu Dhabi-based authors.

Janet is a graduate of the Manchester Writing School at MMU and the founder of the Abu Dhabi Writers' Workshop. An urban nomad, though not by choice, she has lived in Palermo, Edinburgh, Wroclaw, Muscat, and Abu Dhabi. She is now based in a very remote location in Central Portugal, writing rural noir.