I’ll Do It Later
The article, ‘I’ll Do It Later: mentoring the occasional writer,’ appeared in Writing in Education, Issue Number 59, Spring 2013. York: National Association of Writers in Education.



Contrasting Cultures
The book chapter, ‘Contrasting Cultures: Reading Popular Fiction in the Arab World,’ appeared in Al Mahrooqi, R., & Roscoe, A. (2013). Literature Teaching in the EFL Context – New Perspectives. (Chapter 10: 315-331.) Muscat: Sultan Qaboos University Academic Publication Board.


Maintaining Control
A review of the book Maintaining Control: Autonomy and Language Learning appeared in ELT Journal 2010 64: 486-489, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

As Easy as ILC
The article As Easy as ILC appeared in Jendli, A., Coombe, C., & Troudi, S. (2008). Best Practice in English Language Teaching. Dubai: TESOL Arabia Publications.

Hello, is there anyone out there?
The article Hello, is there anyone out there? appeared in The Women Writers Network Newsletter, October/November 2007.

Getting Things in Perspectives
The article Getting Things In Perspectives appeared in Davidson, P., Al Hamly, M., Aydelott, J., Coombe, C., & Troudi, S. (2006). Proceedings of the 11th TESOL Arabia Conference, Teaching, Learning, Leading, Volume 10. Dubai: TESOL Arabia.


To Split Or Not To Split
The article To Split Or Not To Split? appeared in The Guardian Weekly, January 26, 1997.

In the Halo Halo Bar and Traveller
The travel articles In the Halo Halo Bar and Traveller both appeared in The Women Writers Network Newsletter, Volume 12, Issue 4, December/January 1996/97

A Wordy Cause
The article A Wordy Cause – Books for Sarajevo appeared in The Linguist, pp. 166-168, Volume 35, No.6, 1996. ISSN 0268 5965.

London Diary
Janet Olearski’s London Diary was a monthly column of writing about travel and current affairs which appeared in ELT News, Athens, from September 1996 to January 1998.

Mind That Child
The travel article Mind That Child appeared in The Women Writers Network Newsletter, December 1997, Volume 13 Issue 4.

Once Upon A Cliché
The article Once Upon A Cliché appeared in The Guardian Weekly, and in The Buenos Aires Herald, November 1996.

Graded Readers
The article Graded Readers appeared in BBC English Magazine, November 1996.

Primary School Teacher – Do’s and Don’t’s
The article Primary school teacher – Do’s and Don’t’s appeared in the EFL Gazette, September 1994.

Authentic Materials

The article Authentic materials appeared in EFL Gazette, August 1994

Try This
A regular feature containing exercises suitable for students working alone at home, Try This appeared in BBC English Magazine, February/March 1988, April/May 1988, August/September 1988, October/November 1988, December 1988/January 1989, April/May 1989, June/July 1989, October/November 1989 and April 1991.


Through Invisible Hoops
The article Through invisible hoops in a circus with no jobs appeared in EFL Gazette, London, June 1986.

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