‘Christina was relieved to get away, as she always was, even years later, whenever she went to visit anyone. She was no sooner there than she wanted to be gone.’

A young woman visits an old family friend and takes away with her a postcard that marks a change in the direction of her life. Postcard is a story about identity, and being your own person. It explores the loss of things past and the courage to embrace change.

Postcard was one of the five winners of the National’s Short Story competition in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, and was published online by The National Newspaper in April/May 2013.

Janet Olearski with The National’s Ann Marie McQueen


An extract from Veneziano, together with a synopsis of my novel-in-progress about a sixteenth century Sicilian poet, won a prize in the Winchester Writers’ Conference 2012 Lifewriting competition, sponsored by the Queen’s English Society.

Islanders (A Novel)
After the Arab Spring comes the Namisan Autumn-Autumn. Philip Blair, adventurer, international man of mystery, and procurement clerk, is ready to deal with anything in his journey towards the promise of a sweet posting in Paris or Rome. He recruits Felicity, romance novelist on the rebound, to pose as his wife in order to secure a prestigious post as Officer of Education and Culture on the tropical island of Namisa. Within Namisan society, strong family values and the importance of morality are paramount. All is well and Philip's secret is safe until he meets the manipulative Namisan academic Ito Bogadan and his mother Grace, matriarchal founder of Trinamisa University. Islanders is a story of misunderstandings, verb conjugations, love, mendacity, and PhDs.


For representation queries, please contact Janet Olearski.




The Older Short-Haired Female and Other Stories
In an exploration of women's experiences and emotions from childhood through to old age, this collection of both traditional and experimental storytelling – sometimes sad, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, but always intriguing - leads the reader through hostile cityscapes and natural landscapes in England, Italy, Morocco, the Philippines, India and the Arabian Gulf: the rivalry of the junior school times tables; the imperfection of a beautiful woman; the infatuation that leads to a family secret; the daughter protected by her dead mother; the career-focussed woman who is covertly thief and saboteur; the naïve woman turned temptress. From innocent and uncertain to flirtatious, vengeful, obsessive and possibly even homicidal, this is the woman who becomes The Older Short-Haired Female.


For representation queries, please contact Janet Olearski.

Evelyn's Virtual Diary
'Good morning, Evelyn. This is to advise you that your expiry approaches. Please select your date and time of processing.'

Evelyn's time has come, but she is not ready to go. Evelyn's Virtual Diary was published in Beautiful Scruffiness, Issue 4, 2011. ISSN 2041-3513

Tea and Ingrid and Vows of Silence
The short story Tea and Ingrid received a commendation in the Winchester Writers’ Conference Short Story Competition.

An extract from Vows of Silence was one of the winners of the ‘Writing can be murder’ competition, sponsored by Orion Publishing at the Winchester Writers’ Conference in September 2011.


The Vengeance of the Fishes
The poem The Vengeance of the Fishes was one of the poems performed at the Thames Festival Feast on the Bridge event on 10 September 2011.


‘I first met Neville Dickens at a luncheon party in Wimbledon.’ Sixteen years later Helena Parry-Shaw realises the significance of that meeting.

Swimmers, a short story, was published in Pen Pusher Magazine 13, Summer/Autumn 2009 issue.


Cocktail, Finished and Times Tables
The poems Cocktail and Finished, and the short story Times Tables, appeared in The Arabia Review, published by TESOL Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Spring 2004. Cocktail also appeared in Forced To Fly (ed. Joanna Parfitt), Summertime Publishing, 1998



Tube People
The poem Tube People appeared in Forced To Fly (ed. Joanna Parfitt), Summertime Publishing, 1998.


The Older Short-Haired Female

This 'cautionary tale for those captivated by the beauty of birds,' appears in the April 2014 issue of Bare Fiction Magazine (

I am Lost
The poem I am lost was one of the winners of the Poems on the Buses competition, sponsored by Big Wide Words, in 1998. It was displayed on three London bus routes. I am lost also appeared in The AprIR Journal, Volume III, Number 1, AprIR, Argentina, 1998.


The Moon Cat
Charlotte was never that keen on the cat – not at first, but being the superstitious type she insisted on keeping it … in defiance of Eliot's wishes.

The short story The Moon Cat appeared in Writers' Voice, Wilcox Design Services, Liverpool, UK, October 1997.


Object of Desire, A Good Example and Photocopy Man
The short stories Object of Desire (September 1997) and A Good Example (March 1997) and the playlet Photocopy Man  (April 1997) appeared in The Student Mail, Bangalore India.


Mother of Intervention
Halina fancied a trip to Garphon, but Keralon was having none of it. Halina needed to earn a lot more eternity points if she wanted to be a Karph Senator … except that what she really wanted to be was a Garphon Fantasy Finder. They'd never had one of those in the family before.


The short story Mother of Intervention was published in the collection To Her Naked Eye, Rachel Lever (Ed.), Pyramid Press, UK, 1996, ISBN: 1 899981 03 09. Mother of Intervention also appeared in The Student Mail, Bangalore, India, December 1997 issue.

The Past Present
The short story The Past Present appeared in The Student Mail, Bangalore India, November 1996 and in ELT News, ELT Press, Athens, Greece, July-August, 1997.


My Friend Eric
Eric had always been a good friend though perhaps a little misguided at times. Now he turns up after a long absence … and shows his true colours.


The short story My Friend Eric was one of the winners of the 1996 Radio Mansfield Short Story Competition and was broadcast on Radio Mansfield, UK on 25 November, 1996, read by Katie Trinder.

Bricks for Kicks:
‘Amateur house builder Frank Piggy, 32, was commended by local councillor Jeremy Thatcher last night for his visionary house-building skills.’ Piggy was well-prepared for uninvited visitors, not so the others.


The short story Bricks for Kicks, appeared in Writers’ Viewpoint, Viewpoint Manuscript Service, Winter 1996 (Issue 14).

Paella Curry
‘Carlos rather fancied the brown-skinned girl in the Bengal Lancer Curry Restaurant.’ But Riaz was not amused …


The short story Paella Curry appeared in The Student Mail, Bangalore, India, October, 1996.

The New Breed
‘Out on the pampas things looked much as they had done when William’s grandfather had been alive.’ Most trusted William’s judgement, but not Oriel … and he would have to be dealt with.


The short story The New Breed, appeared in Writers’ Viewpoint, Issue 12, Viewpoint Manuscript Service, UK, Summer 1996, in The AprIR Journal, Volume II, Number 2, AprIR, Argentina, September 1996, and in ELT News, ELT Press, Athens, Greece, February, 1998.

A middle-aged spinster decides to take charge of her life by being open-minded and welcoming new experiences. However, on her first holiday abroad she finds entering an unfamiliar culture traumatising.


The short story Holiday appeared in Story Cellar, Slough Writers Cooperative, 1996 (Issue 7), ISSN: 1353 9752 and in ELT News, ELT Press, Athens, Greece, January, 1997.

On the Buses
It starts out being an ordinary bus ride through London, but a pickpocket is at work.


The short story On the Buses appeared in Current Magazine, Mary Glasgow Magazines, London, UK, March/April 1990.