Janet Olearski is a certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner.

In March 1993 she obtained an Intermediate Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming after studying with John Seymour and Joseph O’Connor at Regent’s College in London. She completed her full NLP certification in January 1994 with Ian McDermott at ITS Training, also in London.

At the 1992 IATEFL Conference in Lille, France, Janet and Atsuko Ushimaru of Obirin University, Japan co-presented the workshop, ‘Applying NLP to foreign language teaching.’

At the May 1992 APPI Conference in Oporto, Portugal, Janet ran a workshop entitled, ‘Superteacher Improvement Strategies,’ focusing on the use of positive outcomes to improve teachers’ classroom teaching and raise their self-esteem in the process.

In 1993, as Managing Editor of Practical English Teaching Magazine, Janet commissioned the series NLP in EFL. This was the first series of articles of its kind to focus on how teachers could put NLP to use in their classrooms.

At the 1993 British Council Milan Conference, Janet co-presented a session entitled ‘Teacher as Learner: Strategies for Continuing Professional Development’ with Keith Ricketts of BBC English by Radio. Their workshop focussed on the empowerment of teachers through NLP. An article by the same name appeared in the conference proceedings The Learning-Teaching Process, 1993, David A. Hill (Ed.), The British Council, Milan, Italy.

In November 1995, Janet ran a workshop – ‘Painting the Page’ - on NLP and the teaching of creative writing at International House, London. A follow-up article ‘Painting the Page – creative writing and NLP’ appeared in The Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in EFL Conference Report of the IATEFL Teacher Development Special Interest Group, London, 1995.

In April 1996, speaking on behalf of the British Council, Janet opened the 8th IATEFL Cyprus Conference in Nicosia. Her talk ‘Material Values’ illustrated the link between teaching materials and NLP, which leads to the formation of positive beliefs and values in our students.

In April 1997 Janet ran the creative writing and NLP workshop, ‘Write First Time,’ in Bali, Indonesia and then in Nyeri, Kenya, in May 1997.

Janet’s article on ‘Modelling new behaviour’ appeared in Readings in Teacher Development, K. Head & P. Taylor, (pp.164-165), Heinemann, 1997.

In 1999 in her capacity as Young Learner Teacher Education Consultant for the British Council Poland, Janet helped to facilitate ‘NLP in Educational Reform,’ a course run by Susan Norman in Mietne, near Warsaw, as part of the Support for Polish Reform in Teacher Education Project (SPRITE).

In May 2003 Janet ran a workshop on NLP For Beginners at the British Council Abu Dhabi, UAE, on behalf of the TESOL Arabia Abu Dhabi Chapter.

Janet applies NLP and coaching techniques to the teaching of creative writing. Sponsored by NAWE and Arvon, she became an accredited Relational Dynamics Coach in July 2012. She follows a traditional approach to coaching combined with the principles of David Groves' Clean Language, which she has studied since 2015, first with Lynne Cooper and, in 2016, with Angela Dunbar. Janet works with writers, and other creatives from the arts and cultural industries, as well as business professionals, offering a combination of coaching and mentoring tailored to suit individuals at all stages of their careers. For details of coaching sessions via Skype, telephone or face-to-face, mail Janet through the link on the Contact page.